On the ground level of the Karmela Rani Training College lies the library and information centre. A sufficient number of books, magazines, other study materials and technology-based study materials enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge, expertise and skills in their studies. By developing, maintaining, and promoting library and information services, the library plays a crucial part in assisting the institution’s academic endeavours.  Our library is well-ventilated, brightly lit, and roomy with comfortable seating.  Our goal is to create a peaceful environment that encourages patrons to use the library’s resources for intellectual development and self-education.  It remains open on all working days.  Using the Integrated Library Management System (ILMS), the college  library is completely automated. We’ve set up the ‘LIBSOFT’ software.  The library has given open access to students and staff. So they can select their books by searching in their related subject. The arrangement of the books is as per the DDC. The library has computer, internet and reprographic facilities.  For the convenience of the readers, Xerox facility including printing has also been provided in the library. The Library has a good collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, autobiographies, motivational books, text books, reference books etc..  We also maintain a Book Bank Scheme for the students.  The Library has institutional membership of Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET).  Our college library has subscription for the N-list.  Library orientation program is organized by the Library for first year students at the beginning of the every academic year. In the orientation program library gives the detail information about the collection, services, library rules and other library activities.    Question Bank facility is provided in the library.  Students have an access to previous years question papers of University examinations through google classroom.   The materials available in the college library are provided to the teacher students and the teachers. They find out relevant contents for their own use.

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 The College Library is a place of quiet study and reading.  It enhance your knowledge, so use the Library facilities to the maximum. The guidelines below will help you to utilize the Library in a better way.

  • The library remains open on all working days from 9.30am to 4.30pm.
  • The Students must carry their College Identity Card/library membership card with them at all time inside the Library.
  • Library users should enter their details in register kept at the entrance.
  • All personal belongings, such as books, bag, coat, umbrella, personal files, must be deposited in the library counter at the entrance of the library.
  • The members cannot get issued more than 2 books at a time.
  • The books may be renewed for 7 days more if the same are not in demand or are not reserved by other readers.
  • Members are requested to check the condition of the book before getting issued. Any damage found in the books taken out for reading or borrowing should be brought to the notice of the Library staff before getting issued.
  • Marking, scratching, damaging, mutilating, stealing, library materials or property will invite disciplinary action against the defaulters.
  • Loss of any borrowed book must be reported immediately to the Librarian/Library Staff. The member must replace the lost book / cost of the books as per rule.
  • Downloading of undesirable e-resources shall not be allowed and punishable if violated.
  • Reference books, rare books, journals, may not be issued generally.
  • No Library material can be taken out of the library without permission.
  • Strict discipline should be maintained in the library. The position of the chairs and tables should not be changed or displaced.
  • Student after returning of library books/documents should take No-dues certificate from the library before the Final Semester examination.


Library Sections:

  • Circulation Section
  • Technical Section
  • Acquisition Section
  • Reference Section
  • Periodical Section

The Library has institutional membership of Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET). Our college library has subscription for the N-list.


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Electronic Resources in Public Domain
These resources are freely available on Internet and it can be access from anytime and anywhere. These resources are divided into following categories.


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