Our Founder Patron

Karmela Rani Training College was founded in 1960 by His Lordship the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez, the then Bishop of Quilon.

Bishop Jerome was born on September 8, 1901 at Koivila in Kollam district. In 1915, he joined St. Raphael’s Minor seminary for the ecclesiastical studies to become a priest. He was ordained priest on March 24, 1928. He taught Latin and Theology at St. Theresa’s Major Seminary, Kollam, which is at present Fatima Mata National College.

In 1937, at the age of 36, he became the first Indian Bishop of Quilon which is the first Diocese in the whole of Asia. During the tenure as Bishop from 1937 to 1978, he established a number of schools, colleges and other educational institutions including Fatima Mata National College and Karmela Rani Training College. Bishop Jerome was a great defender of the rights of minorities especially in the field of education. Having retired as Bishop of Quilon in 1978, he left for his heavenly abode on February 26, 1992. May his soul rest in peace.


Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez
Our Patron

Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery (Bishop of Quilon)


Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery
The Management of the College

The College is established, owned and administrated by the Latin Catholic Diocese of Quilon, Kollam and as such the Bishop of Quilon being the head of the Diocese by virtue of his office acts also as the educational agency of the college for and on behalf of the diocese. A Board of Management is constituted by the Educational Agency and the members of this board assist in promoting the realization of objects of the institution. Besides, Quilon Latin Catholic Diocese Educational Development Council, the coordinating agency of the educational Institutions under the same Diocese of Quilon, has also affiliated Karmela Rani Training College for educational development of the institution and the council facilitates administration of the college. The college also seeks the expert advice from eminent academicians and administrators for the effective functioning of the college.


Members of Managing Board


Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery
Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery (Bishop of Quilon)


Rev. Fr. Joseph John
Rev. Fr. Joseph John


Rev. Fr. Silvie Antony
Former Visionaries (Managers)
Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M Fernandez (1960 - 1978)
Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph G Fernandez (1978 - 2001)
Rt. Rev. Dr. Stanley Roman (2001-2018)
Former Luminaries (Principals)
Shri. P.S. Abraham (1960 – 1968)
Rev. Sr. Colette Mary (1968 – 1973)
Smt. Josephine Cherian (1973 – 1995)
Dr. K.A. Andrew (1995-2010)
Rev. Fr. Joseph J (2010-2018)
Dr. Sanil Sebastian (2019-2020)
Landmarks in the history of the college