The College

Founded in 1960 by the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Jerome M. Fernandez, Karmela Rani Training College is a Teacher Education institution offering Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Degree course in seven disciplines. The college is affiliated to University of Kerala and is recognized by National Council for teacher Education (NCTE). It is one of the six aided training colleges within the jurisdiction of University of Kerala.

Aim of the College

The aim of the college is to send into the field of Education in India, teachers who are intelligent, spiritually vigorous, cultured, healthy, vocationally prepared, social minded and committed to the cause of Indian Education in whatever sphere they may serve God and Country.

Our Heavenly Patroness

Karmela Rani or Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Karmela Rani or Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus), is the heavenly patroness of this college. Karmela Rani, who gave to the world the Truth and True Light (Jesus) helps the trainees in the task of leading the Children of India along the path of truth and knowledge.

Motto of the College

The motto of the college is "The true light enlighteneth." It implies that a true teacher is a communicator of truth and life. If teachers are to be the beacons of light that are to dispel the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance, they must be imbued with a spirit of dedication to their noble calling as teachers to be a source of enlightenment to others.